12 December, 2010

Secret Recipe - My Story #3

Cake Counter

After Barista, I had requested to Ann i want to change position, that was I should learn other things besides Barista. So, immediately, she let me work in cake counter.

The cake counter work is fun! First, I need to memorize all the cake design and its content, with their special name. So once I see the cake, I can identify it quickly and give customer information. Next, I have to learn cut cakes to slices. Here, every piece of cake, the knife is needed to filter with 90 degree Celsius hot water.This will result the cake will be cut perfectly.

Cake counter + Cashier (Ignore this girl)

Cakes here are 3 types, fresh cream cake, cheese cake, and brownies. Another one categorized as pastry. Besides learn cut cakes, I need to learn communicate with customer, talking skill, and even cannot angry, serve with gentle and smile. Whatever is it, I cannot angry just smile. Due to the rule "Customer always right". I started to learn communicate with customer (just like with stranger). At first, I am shy, even do not dare to open my mouth and ask customer what they needs. At last I take my courage, and tell myself there is no way, this is part of my job, I have to. Finally I opened my mouth and asked and started used to it.

What is my favourite cakes here? I like cheese cake, it can makes me fat. The most main reason of mine.

Cream Cake
1. Chocolate Indulgence - Full dark and white chocolate, and fresh cream. Famous!!
2. Chocolate Banana - The real banana fruit inside the chocolate cake, so tasty!
3. Durian Durian - Seasonal Durian Fresh cream cake. I love this :)

4. White Chocolate Macadamia – White chocolate filling with vanilla flavour!
5. Pecan Butterscotch – Yeah, butterscotch is my favourite!

Chocolate Indulgence
Chocolate Banana
Cheese Cake
1. New York Cheese – Vanilla with original cheese flavour
2. Raspberry Cheese – Do not know how to describe this feeling…Cheesedel cheese??
3. Cheeze Choc – Chocolate on top, cheese at center and the biscuit at bottom…yummy!
4. Strawberry Marshmallow Cheese – Strawberry cheese instead!
5. Black forest cheese – Another new flavour I love!
6. Hi-fibre Cheese Cake – A healthy cakes, nice and yummy!

Cheeze Chocolate
Some pastry here and brownies are delicious too. Gourmet Pie will be my top choice. The soup contains chicken, corn, and carrot. Chicken Curry Puff is cheaper and nice too. The soup is really amazing! Brownies walnut is all time favourite, especially added with ice-cream on top. It will be very sweet >.<

Gourmet Pie
When mother’s day, it can be said is “WAR”. I have to fight with other staff, customer willingly to queue when mother’s day. Father’s day is not hot as Mother’s day. When you stand in cake counter, it can be said non-stop mode, mouth dry, leg tire and hand tire. Undeniable that the power of quality cakes.


  1. wow~like this post, I can get many information of type of cake. next time i will try others cake other than blackforest cake. :)

  2. Thanks! :) Besides my suggestion, you might be try out your favourite cakes too oh! Some of the cakes above is public choice oh~


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