29 November, 2010

Grass Is Always Greener

Grass is Always Greener - So, most of the people like the new things instead old things. So, how about people? We might like the new people and hate the old people?

It cannot be denied that most of the people love new things, new people or try the new things that never try yet. To be truth, we as human, we are always make friends from time to time.As the life goes on, new friends were added in personal name list.

This time, what do you do? Start be good with new friends, and forget the old friends? Well, if me, I never forget who friends with me, and I will follow the current friend of current time. Some old friends will ask me about "I thought you have new friends then you already forget about me." I replied: "No, I still remember all of you, just the time to meet is hard, so I just join my current friends."

As you know many friends, your social network will be started to expand.Friends, it let you be more knew each other as the time goes on. You started to knew him, buddy with him...In addition, special identity of friends will be added in friend list too...

New friends come old friends go, is that truth that happened on everyone? If me, I prefer friends who can go well with me, increase the compatible.

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