21 December, 2010

Pet Phrase

An interesting topic come across my mind. Pet phrase!

My friends have their favourite pet phrase. Example: Let's say.../ Actually / 其实 / 是这样吗?/ 严格来说 / 我喜欢不可以?/ 吊 / Jibet / Whatever / Oh my god / 傻眼/ 炸到......

I think my pet phrase will be :

1. 你什么意思? (what meaning of you? )
2. Jibet
3. Diao / 吊
4. Holy Shit! / Shit!
5. Oh my god!
6. Maybe
7. 是咩? (ya mie?)
8. 炸到

No.1 will be my famous pet phrase. Especially when friend shoot me. Pet phrase is just like own identity.

What is your favourite pet phrase?

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