15 December, 2010


Yesterday, a case at Secret Recipe (my current part-time work place) almost effect my mood whole day. It is about compensation.

Yati (Assistant supervisor) found out a table 5 bill have not settled yet when she entered cashier at 3pm above. She asked me what happened to this. I flash back and a terrible ideas crush on my mind "Holy shit...this time I going to pay a lot of money! DAMN DAMN DAMN F**K"

Table 5 is locate beside table 6. A table 6's customer (guy) asked me to give the bill to him while he was going to toilet. After that, I punch the bill for table 6 and he settled his bill, then he also leave the shop. After Yati found out the table 5 bill have not settled yet, I asked the floor staff - Izah: "Is it table 5 customers is same as table 6 customers? " "Yeah." "Why you didn't tell me just now?"

When I punch the order, they didn't say anything about table 5 and table 6 is same batch of customers. How the hell I know? The bill is quite "attractive" - RM95.00.I am not going to pay whole the bill, it is not totally my fault. My  working mood was totally affected.

When night, the manager - Wei Kwong is help me settle this case. The settle way is he take the tips money - RM30.00.He was added that he helps pay the money RM30.00 also due to not available at that working time (he was sending his staff to government hospital). Now left RM35.00. Izah said she would like to pay the bill too. So, she and me have to pay RM35.00. 

At last, the compensation is reduced to minimum. I still have to pay RM17.50. It is just so waste. RM17.50 can buy a lot of things...argh......Next time I will pay more attention on asking any table have connection or not. Table 5 customers (just two people) were sit so far with table 6 customers. Who will think that they are actually same table? @@ 



  1. Wah....Cool Down~~

    Indeed, sometimes the fault is not totally fall to only one person. I tin most of ppl wil feel frustrated to pay for the compensation. Just take it as a lesson although not your fault only..

  2. Hmm...things already happened, customer was left anyway, there is no other way. yeah, learn the lesson, thanks!


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