14 December, 2010

Secret Recipe - My Story #5


I have not work in kitchen yet. I believe work in kitchen is tire and HOT!  

Most of the people will think they can learn to cook if working in kitchen. That was right. However, the recipe is secret, we do not know at all.  I love the foods here too…argh…pocket broken a big hole...expensive though.

My Favourite Foods

1. Tom Yum Spaghetti. Their tom yum recipe is special when mix with spaghetti.

Tom Yum Spaghetti
2. Chicken Cordon Bleu. The fried boneless chicken, and the cheese inside the chicken.
Chicken Cordon Bleu
3. Curry Seafood Laksa. I love the curry, I even eat the seafood ><
4. Sarawak Laksa. I love the soup recipe. Really Sarawak style? Tak tahu…

Sarawak Laksa
5. Chicken Steak burger with fries. The big burger with big steak fried chicken, fries.
Chicken Steak Burger
6. Lasagne Chicken. It is delicious, all crunched meat with cheese but I will hungry after 2 hours.

Lasagne Chicken
7. Fish and chips. I love the fried fish flavor.
8. Black pepper chicken with rice/fries. Wow, the black pepper recipe is different!

Curry Mee

The latest one is Curry Mee, Nasi Lemak…I am going to try Curry Mee…they said that is very delicious! Recently, a customer teased me with “My [Alphabet Fries] lose a 'T' letter, next time I want to have 26 letters!” -.-''

There are a lot of delicious foods there. Yummy!!  


  1. Wah...
    All foods seem delicious until feeling hungry..

  2. The price also very delicious lol


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