03 December, 2010


BROMANCE, defined as same sex good friend, relationship is very close, and without sex with each other. Bro-mance - Brother romance.

Having bromance like this feels good, isn't it? Best friendship~
After I read from Kenwooi blog, I saw the bromance word..[last time, I saw it at Jino's post too~] Suddenly, I think have a bromance friend is nice too, have a buddy to chat with you, share things with you, and a lot of etc can do together...Besides, he has said that bromance is better than having trouble when choose the girlfriend.

Oh oh......

Maybe I already have bromance relationship, maybe not. I do not know.Is it really have a bromance friend is feeling nice? Or have many bromance friend is more nice?? In addition, this term feels like can let people to think wrongly and connect this with gay~

This is called Bromance too?
In conclusion, do you want to bromance with me? :D

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