27 February, 2012

Mix Life Record

In this February, my status is unemployed. I enjoyed in this month, and so some issues also makes me not really happy. 

Well, I remember the 1st day of 2nd week of February, a guy called Mr.C contact me through my phone. After that, I knew that he was the guy from recruitment company (Jobstalent). I even do not know why he will contact me, because I did not apply this service. Actually I did a lot of registration on Jobstreet, JobsDB, and even a bit social website called Linked-In. As I guess, he might saw my information in Linked-In website. (At last I knew that he know my information through Jobstreet)
LRT Moment
Mr.C was very good and efficient in introduction of new jobs to me. As for 2 weeks, he already introduced me to interview in 4 companies (Actually 1 more at Sunway due to distance problem then I had rejected). Different kind of interview I had "enjoyed". In conclusion, company A and company B are normal interview, speak in English, only one interviewer. Then, company C is the special interview section. Total 4 of interviewers sit around me in the meeting room. 2 man and 2 ladies. (I feel's like I take part in American Idol lol...*when can i take part in real american idol?). Last, company D is special too, 2 interviewer but I totally not their wanted one. 
SPCA Moment
Company C shortlisted me after 1st interview, then I get offer too after 2nd interview of same company. (This time 3 mens and 2 ladies/Company C has 2 interview section) In fact, I quite happy that 3 out of 4 companies want to offer me (programmer/software engineer) so far. I didn't ever think that I will get many offers from them, just thought might fail in my interview. Well, I choose Company C finally due to their benefit and nearer distance from my place. Then, my job will be started on 1st March 2012. (Company A,B and D include programming and/or logic test, so I didn't get well too in the result >_<)

Smile Moment
 Besides, currently I still stayed with my big brother in his rented room. So, I force myself to hang out/out alone whole day on every weekend to give him privacy moment. I need to used to it until this mid-year as he said he will move to new house in KL. Then, I have to spend money in smart way lor~

Last Day Moment
Avril moment!~ Borrow from Panazz 
Oh yeah, although interview was my part time job for this month, I did attend the Avril Lavigne concert where held at Stadium Merdeka, KL. Well, that was my first time to enjoy the concert. Mostly, Avril Lavigne not enough energy to sing chorus part, so she let us sing it! XD I seat at far away from the stage, and little rain on that night. My friends and I were singing together with Avril Lavigne too. **Cheapest ticket price, next time will improve. @@ 

Broga Hill Moment
I had finished my e-novel too from my laptop. It is really hard to spend my time on novel-laptop. 4 ghost e-novel from my course mate-Frank, he gave me last 2 years and I just finish read last week. I had deleted 3 ghost e-novel and only finish 1 e-novel-[冤鬼路]. This e-novel story quite nice and touching, but feel so fantasy, even power also included. I invest my time on another e-novel [You are the apple of my eyes]. Yeah, novel is a bit different with the movie we watch. Novel more focus on the feeling, and not really contain masturbate part lol From the novel, we know that the [柯井藤] has fall in love with another girl also...anyway is really fun and funny when I read this novel.       

New Year moment
Another weird test I had taken in this month too - Sing alone in Neway Karaoke! Oh my~~This is very weird, weird than watch movie alone. I more enjoy the movie alone. That moment karaoke I alone sing until 3pm from 11am include lunch set with cheaper price. My first long time alone in Karaoke center. From soft sound to energy sound, then from energy sound to uncle sound and rock n' roll~~lol (Time pass very slowly*)
Group Sing-K Moment
Lastly, I would like to say that be prepare well before go for an interview, about company's background, and what question should ask them. Furthermore, the company who request to view profile/resume through jobstreet, the chance to get the job is not higher too. If you prefer to work as a boss, and have flexible time, try insurance career/direct sales. One more, I am very active in Facebook! lol  

"Chibi Maruko Chan" Moment


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