05 November, 2010

Blog abuse

I admit that I have abuse my blog post before. Like when I meet someone, case or incident that I unsatisfied with, and nobody to share, then I will directly "shoot" at my blog. This can be called emo-post too.

This is not a really "moral" things to do with. Especially my friends will noticed if I not behave like normal guy, they will check out my blog to see what happens, and look "This time who is going to be the "superstar" at Zidane's blog."

Really, when I meet unsatisfied things, or steps my tail, or unable to explain face to face, I will post it at my blog. It seems like so childish to me. Now thinking back.

Thus, I decide to not to post any unsatisfied thing and saying friends' bad things. If I can, I will write it at general. It is safer and is just like the good way.

Sometimes we did childish thing naturally without notice. It is hard to be said that "Already 22 years old still behave like this, try think clearly by yourself." I need to know that I keep going to more mature in mind day by day...

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