14 November, 2010

Dream World

*!!This post is not going to focus on dream world.

[Dream World], a nice place to sing Karaoke, located near at Carrefour, Batu Pahat, Johor. Yesterday night, I was attending my old friends gathering at there. Each person just cost RM20++, the room is big, many songs can be selected (really updated, even lady gaga music, Ayumi Hamasaki, any language songs available to sing.), regular is 3 hours.

Around 10 friends were attending the gathering yesterday night. Started at 10.30p.m and end at 1.30a.m.Actually, I seldom join their gathering, because the time is always not compatible with them.I want to let them listen my sexy voice meet them, we are so long time to meet each other since last time.

Yesterday night I was happy, with sing few songs.I am not sing well, enjoy is more important.I am more happy that I have chance to sing with a girl primary school classmate for ayumi's song, final fantasy's song, and even lady gaga - paparazzi.Like this can be called "知音"? lol This is my first time I sang English song at Karaoke place. Oh yeah, I am happy too when sing with other friends.Next time I would try to "shout"/"scream" at song lol

Anyway, this place is really worth to go if want to have nice sing K moment.New experience gained: 1000 EXP only lol       


  1. i never been to batu pahat :P

  2. Anyway, Batu Pahat have many delicious foods oh :P

  3. ur voice very nice...
    i heard before le...
    me n crystal r members dream world liao...
    next time we can go together...(:

  4. wa...i want fly to sky liao~:D
    between, my voice not really nice, soft soft~
    okay, next time we go together~haha


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