18 November, 2010

Look Alike

Haha...recently I found out that many friends said one of my course mate look alike me. Really? Let's look the photo...

My Naughty Action :P
So, look alike no? His name called "Kopi" who initiated by Ah Kiat since enter this university. He has some common point as me. We are same tall, same skinny (I have little belly, well he flat tummy), every semester result a bit same, look same, wear glass, same black skin(wow, like 古天乐), same handsome, same cute, same quiet(I very long-winded)......

Well then, he is smart, I am stupid. He is fast learner.(I wish I can learn like him) He can face the laptop screen whole day long for his favorite games.So, he sure has no problem when work with IT field job.He is liberal guy (broaden heart). I was insult him last time(now no more) and he just ignored me, and looked me as crazy guy.I think he might not going to take revenge if he has enemy.(Or he do not have enemy in his life)

"Jibet Group XD" Look alike no? :P

Since last few semesters, I was joke with him and I called him "老公", then he called me back "老婆"...I know this is quite disgusting...(I played this when I form 6 moment too, I naughty). So, some girl course mate will joke with me and said "Where is your "ang"(hokkien for hubby)?" Sometimes I did argued with him over small matters too.

Last time, many course mate comes to visit my house (included him). Then, my small brother was saw him. After that, he called me "Kopi" too at house @@. He said "You both really look alike lar, haha"

Sometimes I make some new friends, some of them will said "Your face are look familiar, I saw you before at somewhere." I will replied "Is it? I have public face mar~haha..." 

Well, luckily he is not exactly same face as me (just look alike). Otherwise, I will feels like I talking to myself when I talk to him @@...haha :D



  1. yea strongly agree!!
    i used to have the same feeling too when i didn't know u all last time..
    sometimes it might be caused by angle problem..
    but now, as a conclusion after being 1 sem friend with u all, kopi is more cool in term of face expression..
    i don't even dare to talk to him till now..

  2. haha...kopi looks cool, but when you talk with him, he will give you a smiley face :D


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