17 November, 2010


张芸京(Zhang Yun Jing), she is so handsome! (should be beautiful right? :D) She has amazing voice, sound, and I like her album, the latest album than the first album.

Boy or girl?? Beautiful or handsome?  
She is Taiwanese girl. However, she called herself handsome, as her new style, a little bit rock. Her first album, named [破天荒] (po tian huang) is famous, if you noticed her song, the famous song like [黑裙子](hei qun zi)[破天荒] and  [偏爱] (pian ai). I most like her song - [偏爱], especially after I watched the [仙剑奇侠传3] (xian jian qi xia zhuan 3)Taiwan drama. [偏爱] means the two people are cannot love together no matter what, but stubborn still need to love each other, insist to love the other one.

When she with long hair, in the mv [破天荒]
She was get injured...
Last few months, her new album [相反的我](xiang fan de wo), I like this album too. She was naked in her music video! (A little~haha) While, my favorite song for this album are [相反的我][你是唯一](ni shi wei yi) [坏了](huai le) and [爱情选项](ai qing xuan xiang). Her album is really worth to listen. However, it is hard to sing her song, just like no energy to sing Jay's song :(

She makes me feel like the [潘美辰](pan mei chen) is return to the stage! ~  

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