15 November, 2010


BTN – Biro Tatanegara. A program that held for every university student and as compulsory for every student else they are not able to graduate. Well, this happened at last year, and I was the one student who had joined the program with many friends. Now, this program was cancelled. The date was from 31/July/2009 to 3/August/2009 (Last Year).

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What I learned from BTN?

In my memory, that was my first time topless in front of many friends (punishment). Since that moment, I started to have courage to topless at hostel and home. Last time, I very resist to topless because I very skinny, I scared my friends will afraid or not used to see my topless condition. That is one of the reason no matter what I will try put my clothes on especially in public. Now I was exercise at home and eat, try to fat and cover my bone shape, with supplement again. Thanks for BTN give me this chance to direct topless at public.

I remember my group counsellor was giving a lot of useful knowledge. I share it here:

Let’s say A = 1, B = 2, and ……until Z = 26. We see this word:
DISCIPLINE: 4+9+19+3+……5 => 100
Means what? If you have discipline, then you are 100% person! :D

WORK here defined as:
W = Wealth / Wages
O = Organization / Office
R = Recommendation (post)
K = Knowledge

So, as human, we need work in our life.

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Sincerely, I do not like this kind of program. I like to enjoy at home, shopping, playing games or whatever. I do not why I always related myself with government activities especially from school, I do not like to overnight at there.

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