13 November, 2010

Brother's Fight

Yesterday, because of a phone bill's fees, my third and fourth brothers were fighting! I was stopped them after that, my father came to stop them too. All I can said is they are really not behave enough, stubborn, violence and hot temper.

The third was 18 years old, well the fourth was 14 years old. As we know, 14-16 years old is rebellion period. How was the fight started? Let's see the dialog below:

3rd: Ah Hong (1st brother) already complaint that the house phone bill was cost RM60++, why so expensive?        Sure is you did!
4th: I only sms. Not going to cost so much. Of course is you.
3rd: Hng! Let's see lar, when the phone bill comes, you will know.
4th: I only use little.
3rd: Do not say too much, wait bill comes.
4th: I only use when 5 November. So, sure it is not me cost so expensive on phone bill.
3rd: You not need to lie, although is last month bill, you sure got used. You keep chat with your girls.
4th: See the bill...
Me: Shut up, wait the bill comes. Stop argue each other.
They both keep muttering. I keep yell to stop. Then----
4th: "You kao yao (哭饿,hokkien) xin mi (什么)lan?"
The third brother already cannot bear his anger, direct fight with fourth. Then the fight was began...

After they calm down, I was giving "lecture" to my 18 years old brother. I told him violence is not going to solve the problem, you and him are same behavior, that is the reason you both fight. Fight for what? He even tell me that "If you don't give him punishment, hit him, he never changed. I very "dulan" his face, keep show his that kind of expression, want to fight him until he die." "If subject change to you, you will be like that to me too, if I violence on you, you will be more violence to me." I said to him. That is the reason violence cannot solve the problem. "18 years old, try think clearly what you do. Do not just wreak out your angry feeling only. Is you make him speak foul language. Nothing you need to blame." "You always say foul language to me, especially at last time. What I did to you? Am I punch you or fight you?" "You need to think clearly, really."

It is just a small case, keep repeat the same thing might make someone feels uneasy and uncomfortable. In addition, that is the reason we are brothers for this life, because we are enemy at past life, as Buddha religion. We being together and learn to be nice to each other in this life. No fighting. I quite agree with this theory.

Fighting is really not worth. Anyway, talking or negotiate will be a better way to solve the problem. Who will like violence?  

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