02 November, 2010


Do you smoking? In my family, my father is the only member who has smoking, only when he is doing big business inside the toilet. We have advice him not to smoke.Well, he only promise only he will do when he is toilet-ing.

Below is my opinion, no offense to anyone who has smoke.

Let's see the smoking pros:

1. Release pressure. Based on my observation,people who smoking tend to release their pressure in their life, obstacles and so on.

2. Comfortable. I always see people who smoke, their expression is just like "Shiok...what a nice feeling, just like in heaven."

3. ...Is there other benefit for smoking? I cannot figure out other than this.Help me fill in this blank if you wish.Thanks.

In additional, we have to know that people who smoking does not mean that he or she is a bad person. I do not know why still have uncle told me like "Do not worry about this, here all is good guys, they all are not smoking, fighting, drink beer and so on." No smoking does not meant that the person is good.

Let's see the smoking cons:

1. Waste money. If you are not so rich like me, it is better not to smoke.The cigarette price will be increase by every year. It is really worth to spend on other things than cigarette.

2. Hurt lungs. If smoking a few years, then the lungs will be slowly damaged. It does not matter, but when have a severe cough in myself, I will feel suffer. To avoid this suffer in life later, I better get off with it.Lung cancer might be friend with me at last if I smoke.

3. Air pollution. Indirectly smoker already make air pollution in the environment.Besides, it is stink anyway.

4. Is there any other negative effect? Help me fill in the blank if you wish.Thanks.

Cigarette packing with cancer picture
Smoking is an addicted activity. When you have first smoke, then you will have the second, and so on. For me, I not going to choose smoking as my way of release stress. My heart are not so healthy perfectly. If I smoke, it will add more severe on my heart condition.In my environment, there always have at least one friend will smoke, sometimes I will breath in a little second hand smoke. The only thing I can do is try not to breath at that moment.

Enjoy the good taste!
As we can see, every cigarette pack was packed with the cancer picture in this country.This might be  effective at first, slowly we will see it as normal, nothing to be scared off. Some people choose to smoke might be the reason of pessimistic. They might be felt that they cannot live any longer.In my opinion, if add a cigarette, the life will be shorter than expected. However, some people have smoking, they can live until 70's or 80's above. So amazing isn't it?

I wonder what he feel...
They said if one want to stop smoking, they might successful with his or her strong determination.My cousin used to smoke in 1 year. After that, he realize that it is not worth at all, so he try to stop smoking by eat sweet. When feel addicted, he eat sweet. Finally, he is no more smoking. I feels like I am stupid when think about last few years I work in Secret Recipe, knew some Nepal friend. Most of them are smoking.I so naive and treat them eat sweet in order to ask them stop smoking. Moreover, Secret Recipe is not allow staff to smoke. I thought I can help, but there is no way. They are not need my help if they really want to stop smoking.

You've come a long way, baby!
In conclusion, I not going to smoke in my life.It is really not worth at all- spent money to destroy my healthy life.Drink little beer still can be acceptable.  



  1. Hhhmmm... i think I've blog about it and i prefer people around me not to smoke.

  2. Ya, I rmb I commented on ur post too. It is hard to make people around you not to smoke, there must be have alternative way :)


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