10 November, 2010


Miss here refers to "I miss someone". Not I missing my things, I miss this part, and etc...Again not like Mr. or Miss stranger.

This might happened on the love that was gone...
Why human have miss behavior?Someone is left in our life, we will miss him or her so much depends on how important the relationship have before.Miss is not just happened on relationship people, for family members, friendship, lover and so on.For example, someone that our love is not more in this world, we need to accept it.

If people can forget someone that he love before, he is very expert and spend a lot of hard work to forget someone. Is it possible to forget someone totally that left good memories in your life? My answer will be hard and not possible to forget completely. They always said time can wash away the miss and the feeling. Yes, it is. But for me, it might needs to use many years to forget someone.Despite I forget successfully, well, that person already stay inside my memory, just like Dr.Sazali said: "Can you erase me from your memory?"

Nice Song:I MISS YOU!
My memory is good for anything that was happened on me.My memory not so work well in my studies.(If work well on studies it will be perfectly...)To be truth, the person who I like or love is still living inside my mind, hard to erase. (Some people I was transfered it from my heart to my memory at last) One things sure is the feeling was not strong just like before.

Who going to miss me? lol
Why we will miss someone? Is it too long time no meet? Or fall in love? Or cared, concerned? If I can, I want to have ability to no miss anyone, then my life will be better and keep going on.Randomly miss still can acceptable.(I am totally weird, idiot...)

Keep Holding On - Avril Lavigne really is a nice song!


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