28 November, 2010


Tattoo is cool, right? Especially crafted on the body. Somehow, if you are superstitious like me (I am 80% superstitious), it is better to get away from tattoo.

Many people make the tattoo on their body, i believe most of the reason are for decoration body, looks cool more than others.Tattoo, is pain when carve on the body part, as I heard my friend said. They select back side, ass, leg, hand, arm, face and so on. Once tattoo was carved on the body, it is hard to remove from the body surface.

Why cannot make tattoo if you are superstitious? They said tattoo just like seal your exit. What exit was about? When people after die, their soul will come out from the body. Here is the exit mean, we need the exit to get out from the body. If not, people are going to be trapped inside the body and might not get into another world. 

Tattoo looks cool, however it needs very clear thinking to make the decision...

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