12 November, 2010


Do you like to sleep with ------- Bolster?

This color is attractive
Since young, if I no remember wrong, I was very seldom sleep with bolster. I almost sleep with my blanket every night. I still remember I was using the blanket which made by grandmother. It was so comfortable and sadly it was last until my secondary school moment.Then, what I using blanket right now is totally new, a thick one.
Classic type design of bolster, like it? 
Bolster -
From my observation, some people need to have bolster then can sleep more sweet. In my hostel room, my 2 friends always sleep with their bolster. They hug bolster every night. I was interviewed one of my friend why you need bolster to sleep? He said very comfortable when hug with bolster and sleep.Well, what he said to me is real and right. Recently, at my home, i try to hug bolster and sleep. Guess what? It makes me fast asleep. Maybe it is the tool for insomnia people...(i am no insomnia...)

This is just like sausage...
Well then, I using blanket was enough for me when I sleep in my hostel.The bolster I can have or none for me to sleep.I feels like hug a bolster, just like hug someone that you love or miss.Maybe that is the reason bolster was invented~hehe

This seems like is good quality...
From Internet, I found out that some country did not use the bolster to sleep.I do not know the reason, maybe is the way their live.In house, I using bolster sometimes to sleep. When in hostel, I sure sleep with my blanket, because I lazy to bring back my blanket every weekend.

In conclusion, if cannot sleep well, try purchase a bolster and it might bring you to sweet dream moment.Sweet dream everyone ^_^  

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