03 November, 2010

Clean Shirt

Damn tire yesterday night. What I did? Clean a ton of shirts in my room (with all brothers) and filter the unwanted shirts, make donation to 慈济 center in my hometown.

Too many shirts I have to filter it out due to space constraints. As our traditional, the shirts will pass to next "generation" every "decade". So, that is the reason why our shirts are always put inside the cupboard and did not touch at all. There are all in good conditions. However, we have a lot of shirts, especially new shirts. Sorry to old shirts.

Every new year we will buy new clothes for make a fresh brand new of self-image.Thus, the shirts will never decreased, keep accumulate until it has broken.After I filter out the shirts and put into to 4 big plastic bags. My mom saw it and opened one of the bag, and said "This shirt still in nice condition, still can wear." "You already said this every year, that is the reason the shirt is left in un-touch and just like antique, store in the cupboard.Why dun just give it to donation? " I replied. "Not need to worry other brothers that no enough shirts to wear, I keep a lots already."

Actually we are not need so many of shirts and pants. If we have 5 or 6 sets, it is very enough already for one like me. I bet other brothers are not need too many shirts at all.Again, they are not like to clean and manage their shirts,so messy.Reduce the clothes, make it look cleaner. lol        

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