25 November, 2010

3 People Photo

The myth about cannot take the photo of 3 people/friends inside one photograph. The myth said that the center one will be eliminated/crowed out by the left and right hand side friends.

Is that true? Since primary school, a lot of friends already said about we cannot take a 3 people photo. It is just like the curse. I did take 3 people photos in my life, and quite many, because of stubborn. Maybe some photos show true, I am going to be crowed out by the left and right hand side friends, if I am very superstitious. Some are not, maybe the time is not yet arrived.

However, we could see a lot of superstar band like S.H.E, they are only 3 girls, and the center one will going to be crowed out? Who knows...And also for American band.I hope I can find this source of this myth over the internet.

Do you believe this? I hope this is fake, sometimes 3 people are very good friends then they cannot take the photo, it is quite sadness.


  1. hehe...im not superstituous...(:
    i oso take 3 people pic...but my parents owez say bout the myth...
    lets go find out y...(:

  2. you know... the thing that i have heard is the middle one will usually die faster when take photo during the fierce hour with only 3 person. >_<

  3. Shelyn: Hehe, I quite scare if the myth comes to truth..

    Vincent: Before that, I heard 3 of people will argue and become enemy at last just for their lover...it seems like many version ya~


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