20 November, 2010

Firework - Katy Perry

I believe everyone like to watch the firework in the sky, isn't it? It is so beautiful, spark and shine.The hidden meaning of firework was performed by the hot superstar, Katy Perry!

After watch the music video of Firework by Katy Perry, I was surprised that this music video is encouraging people to have confidence! Besides, Katy Perry in this music video is beautiful than the other music video (California Girl, I do not know how to comment it, do not understand at all what she want to express). Really, this music video can watch through www.youtube.com.

[Cause there's a spark in you,  
you just gotta ignite the light,  
and let it shine,  
just own the night,  
like the fourth of July
Cause baby you are firework
come on show them what your worth...]  

This chorus really surprised me and make me like this song especially after watch the music video. She has release the power of her singing through this song. Her catchy song [Peacock] the music is nice too, but quite "itchy" of the lyric...From the music video of Firework, everyone has firework ignite on their chest! Amazing, feels like going to boom on the chest!

I like to watch encouragement, storyline and special effect music video. Some music video just show the artist sing sing sing from the start to end, just admire his of her face from head to tail. It is very boring. In addition, this music video let me flash back the music video - [Beautiful - Christina Aguilera]. This both music video might can be said has common point, encourage people to have own confidence. [Beautiful] express the meaning that, no matter who you are, just believe that yourself are beautiful, no matter skinny, fat, troublesome and etc. I like this music too.

Last, I have to tell [Beyond] that, I change my mind and collect the Katy Perry new album - [Teenage Dream] lol

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