19 November, 2010

Address the Name

How a person should address his/her friend’s name? Address the nickname? Address the full name? Whatever as long as “I know you are calling me”?

Recently, I was studied finish a book – XXX by Carnegie. What he mentioned was the people name is very important. When you addressing people with full name, he or she will be more respect you and rather to listen what you said. 
Since young I was been taught not to call friend’s full name always, this is because it looks like so formal and not respect to friends. Example, my friend’s name called Tan Ah Fang, then I always call him as “Tan Ah Fang” “Tan Ah Fang”…… This is not good in some way, right? If I call him as “Ah Fang”, it will be better much more.

I wonder maybe the English name and Chinese name is quite different, even the addressing method. English name like David Archuletta, Taylor Swift and some even very long English name. If their name can be addressed as completely, they will be happier. Well, in term of Chinese name, is that people will feel happy when be addressed the full name? Isn’t it just like want to pick a fight in another way of the speaking style?

Whenever I heard friend address other friend name with full name, I will feel that they are in argument or they are going to have a fight @@ (Well actually is not, their addressing style) Maybe the conclusion I can make is, when is friend, address nickname or the last name are enough. When different level people met, maybe the full name is required or suitable called. 

Today, start to remember all friends’ full name. Challenging leh~


  1. I rather Ppl call me by my short name but I read from a survey tat gay guys like to refer theirselves with their full name, I guess tat only applies to westerners~

  2. yeah, me too, like to be called short name. Full name i think is for westerners also...hehe


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