04 November, 2010


Still remember the young time, every saturday will stay tuned for channel 8 (singapore) for the Anime - SAILORMOON.

When I said to my friend, my favourite Anime is SAILORMOON. Their first response sure is "Yer~~~u watch girl cartoon..." "yer~u so tiko"...No matter what, I just like to see the scene where when they are transforming to their specialty.

Now, the main five characters transforming scene still carved in my memory. I like their transform. When the "小兔" is transforming, she will said "月光仙子,赐给我力量,变身!" "让我代表爱的月亮来惩罚你!"

When they transform, they are really beautiful. From blue color, gold color, green color, red color and so on...the shining, the power.This is so beautiful...


  1. my favourite anime when i was young. we dont have singapore channel at home, we depended on metrovision till i was 10. then the company went bankruptcy, i have to depend on rtm2 malay version. so tempted to buy full sailormoon seasons in dvd... but ya lor a lot of negative comments back then.

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  2. hehe...i quite do not like the Malay version. I only have Sailormoon R season DVD collection.


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