23 June, 2010

Responsibility Again

I knew that i was post about this topic before - Responsibility. Recently, i feel this kind of personality is really really really really greatly reduced in this social life...

What is responsibility? It means "accepting that you and you alone are accountable for your life. Being responsible therefore comes with the realization that you are where you are, and what you are, because of your own conduct and behavior." I get this quote from a website, the definition of responsibility.Get the meaning here?

Normally, some people choose not to be responsible for their works, things and action. Even think that "why i need to responsible?" "don't be stupid, being a responsible just like foolish things" "better care for owns things" blah blah same type of selfish minded. I still wonder is that responsibility very important? If you are not responsible,it really doesn't matter. If think in morally, (moral?? don't be silly~) the people considered has zero responsibility.

In a team, a member was get the task, then he or she is required to complete by himself or herself.If cannot complete by owns, then how? 'throw' to other members to do it? or finish it no matter what before deadline?? I believe many people will choose "throw to other members", because that is the easiest way. Why cannot just complete the task that was given no matter what?

In normal life, if a man makes a girl pregnant, he need to responsible and married her as his wife. If not, it just simply ask the girls go to the Obstetrics and Gynecology (delete the baby). If the second way is chosen, that man really in a big SIN. Compared to the teamwork, the responsibility really is not a so much big deal...

If for me, i will choose to be responsible. I was given a mission, then i have to complete by myself no matter what, might asking help from friends, others, and so on. The important part is done by own.I was choose to pay my responsibility since in primary school. For now what i do, i do what should i do as a student, at least it is my current responsibility. Maybe my mother give me this Chinese name(劲任)(任=责任),just want me to become a person who responsible.

The advantage of responsibility, i believe that it will let one's feel satisfied, full of completeness. The feeling is good. ^_^ However, in the process of responsibility, it might feel hard :(

If a leader who do not have the responsibility, the team sure "die"...
If i offended anyone here, then i just feel sorry about that, this is what i feel..

Last sentences:

think wisely on 'is that really need to be a responsible man or women'? 

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