16 June, 2010

Hate Current Status?

Are you the one in the status of hating or dislike the own current condition that happens around you?

So being in this status, some people choose run away to solve their problem, some people try to face it or challenge it. In my mind, I rather choose to face my problem than just run away from it. This is because, run away cannot solve the problems, as old goes saying.

For example, I hate my current condition, being study at here, have to do the PSM (Projek Sarjana Muda), have to come hostel here, cannot back home play nice computer games, and so on…Thus, my decision is, I try to learn to love my current condition, even not so like at the start. When I start try to love here, my feeling is better. I will think in another positive way. The concept I hold is, focus well on my studies for these last few semesters, even this is not a very famous university, and after done this I will no more chance to study, will focus on working~

    Once has hardworking, that must be the colorful checkpoint of life.

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