08 June, 2010

Why people love to hear the good things?

In this world, there is no one like the people listen to the bad things on their own. Almost everyone likes to hear the good things. And so, this is one of the ways to improve social life.

Sometimes, people around me said about the good things, I will think that clearly is it what he or she said is sincere, or just makes me happy only. I am the one who rather listen to the truth than the “good things”. Although sometimes I might not be able to accept the truth, I will try to learn to tolerate and think positively in hard way. Thus, I might be able to improve myself in the related field.

It is hard to listen the bad things from others, especially bad things on owns. I quite hate people who always only know to make other happy by express or said a lot of good things on him; praise him or her to the heaven, and etc. However, the people in this world like this kind of person because listen to their words they can feel very happy and in seventh heaven. If not think too much, it will be in happy mood. If think too much, it will be in “prevention” mode. Prevention here refers to think about like “why he/she suddenly so good to me? Why said a lot of good things on me? Is it he or she has another purpose?”…this kind of behaviour almost can watch from the famous Taiwan TV drama shows. Example like “台湾龙卷风,爱,夜市人生,。。。。。

In this real world, the people who very honest and talk too straight, and don’t know speak it in a good way; they might be hard to survive in this real world, especially in social, business life. In a nutshell, what response you have when you are listening to the people talking and doing so well on you?   


  1. I agree wif u...People like to hear gud words rather than bad words...

    My opinion is: there are many tactics in speaking to others for bad words...It is bad if people comment something bad in front of others/ public. Although u r telling truth, u hurt others.

    We should say truth to others in the right way ^^

  2. Ok, i will try to learn this skill, thx ^^


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