15 September, 2009



From now on, i start to feel that so many people do not have responsible. Even the basic responsible. Why this thing happen? i keep asking myself...they just care for themselves and can be said "selfish".

I do not know why i will hate the people who do not have responsibility. Maybe it is my "gift" since i was born. The things i want to say is if you are student then u have to be a responsible student. My brother also same, do not care for their own studies even i was giving so many advices to them.

When in national service, i hate one of the friends who do not bring his bottle to drink water. He just asked us to give him water to drink and he just relax only. He does not have any load on him. I quite admire him. However, i cannot do that. Think about it if everyone's behavior like him then who gonna give you the water to drink?

Very simple, a student not need to earn money, their motive just easy. That is study well, do some benefit business, respect to parents, playing games, exercise....simple only. I don't know why my little brother has the mind that he has to earn money through selling his thing, studies just keep aside, and asking for a job. He just 14 years old. How he can work? So young and all his mind already full of money. When come to social, "open the leg" and earn the money as you like, that is more easy.

I think quite a long time about it (responsible of a student). Student should know their subject need to study, study what the lecturer asked and even own desire, face every exam nicely and seriously (don't too over, it will give you much more pressure and trouble), play some games for relax your mind, pay attention to every lecturer what he or she had said.

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