05 June, 2010

Good Or Bad?

I wonder when good meet bad…what suppose to be mean of that?

For example, (taken from an article), A girl chat with her friend. She said her dream last night to her friend. The dialog:

Girl1: Yesterday my dream was so weird, and realise something.
Girl2: What is that?
Girl1: So, I was dreaming about my housemate and I was sleep in our room. Then, a
group of man was break in our room and going to rape us.
Girl2: Wau!! Your dream really horror…
Girl1: Yes. Never mind, so each man choose each housemate to rape. Then, a man was
coming toward me, and going to rape me. Suddenly, he saw me, and said to me:“This one so ugly, I dun want, just let her go, I choose another.”
Girl2: Oh my god…and you should be happy what? You are safe.
Girl1: I know. However, when thinking another way, I just feel that I was
abandoned because of my look. All group was face the same things, except me.

Catch my idea? I don’t know need to categorize this to……
Maybe every incident got two sides, good and bad... 

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