03 June, 2010

Night Ghost

Suddenly got the idea want say about this topic…so what is night ghost? Yeah, that is the normal ghost will show up in the midnight. Here is referred to the people who love to “LIVE” in the midnight.

Why love to “LIVE” in midnight? And juz sleeping in the morning? I dunno the main reason. But I guess for these several reason:

1 Midnight time is quite
2 Midnight time is able to focus more than morning
3 Midnight time is cold
4 Be force cause of midnight job
5 Privacy things
6 Night activity like clubbing, yam cha?
7 And many possible reason~

The people who do not sleep at midnight, I juz wonder is it the entire body blood circulation will run like normal or not. This is because I have read some article said about night time sleep is essential. Even using morning sleeping time replace with the midnight. Our body system need to run detoxification system, like from heart, face, blood, intestine, lung and so on. Unfortunately, this body system only runs at midnight. Sad. Recently I also late sleep. Most late is 2pm++.

To my fellow dear friends, brothers, family and etc, alert for sleeping time, if plan to live longer in this world. (2012 just ignore it~)

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