04 June, 2010

The Bat

Recently, few bat was flying into my hostel. They visited our room, living room, and other’s room, even toilet 0.o

I just knew the bat, I feel strange to the bat, cause this is first time I saw it with my own eyes 0.0 As we know, they depends sonic wave to fly for their direction. They are ‘blind’.
Actually, it affected my life, really. When I sleeping in my room, open the window, and at the midnight they will suddenly fly into our room!! Pretty scary huh?...

Few days before, my roommate maybe in unlucky mode, the bat was flying and sleep on his table at downstairs. He very scared then he hide in the room, and tell me that not dare to come out, and so the bat visit the staircase also =.= If me I also hide in my room.

Normally, they will fly into the shower room(upstairs) and visit every room. So, prevention better than cure ^,^

Hope that all bats dun come again, go hunt for another house :P


  1. i heard the story frm chyang n nd tat day...
    de bat seemed smart n seemed like recognizing u all...
    anyway...its dirty so must care o...

  2. Bat is dirty d ah? oh my god...then i wish it not going to come here anymore...and go visit u XD (juz joking lol)


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