30 June, 2010


Know this title? I was knew it after i playing DOTA (defense of the ancient).

In this game, tanker is help the team to tank the attack from the enemy team.While at this time, the attacker will responsible to do attack on enemy, and the supporter release magic, skill to protect the team members, or magic on the enemy. Then, the game combo will totally perfect!

The attribute of tanker is have long life, strong armor, and do more on attack. The weakness might be do not have many skills...focus more on self attack damage. The attacker more on attack speed, in the name of 'attacker'. This type of hero is medium attribute in life (HP) and mana (MP). Supporter focus more on skill, and the mana is the most, they need mana to cast skills. The weakness is in low HP, and less armor.

Actually this scene just like real life. Some people used to 'tank' all the things, some are support, some are only "attack"..hehe..

This DOTA game really special, the player can show his or her attribute naturally through this game. The playing style...

Being which role is good? i wonder...

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