13 June, 2010


Hug – Friend hug, Lover hug, family hug, brother hug, sister hug, best friend hug…and blah blah blah…Do you love to hug people? Hehe

I seldom hug people like friends, family, brothers…I was learn to hug people (I mean when I grow up) in a Buddhism activities with the ‘strangers’. Well, the activities like gather all people to participate in activities, and boost each other relationship between people with people. In fact, I don’t like to participate in this kind of activities, (indoor freak), I was forced by my big brother, and he was joined too. Thanks to him, so I learn to hug many friends at that time. (I was skinny. Hug a skinny guy = hug the pole electric, sad…cannot contribute something XD)    

Then, I start to recognize the feeling of hug. Well, is nice! Get the warm feeling from others. If in winter, I think will more fantasy >.< (don’t dream in this country lo…ha). So, sometimes I will hug my friends randomly (T&C applied XD). Same gender always hug, however different gender is hard to try, girl will say “you are pervert!”   

The hugging time is increase with the time of “long time no see”. The friend that you more too long time never meet, you might hug longer than usual if meet him/her. Hug~hug boost the relationship! >.<

Haha, below shows the benefit of hug ^^

Have a nice day! 

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