12 June, 2010

Favourite Instant Noodle

Do you know instant noodle? Hehe…everyone sure familiar with this.

My favourite instant noodle is dried-based. So, the “MYOJO” is my top choice, and followed by the Mi-Sedap. This is because I was tired of consume soup-based instant noodle.

Just sharing here, when you want to cook instant noodle in soup-based, just remember the steps:

1. Boil the water with the instant noodle
2. When the instant noodle was soft and elastic, throw the water. (for throw the wax)
3. Pour new hot water into the bowl with the cooked instant noodle.

The history of recognize Mi-sedap:
When I enter this university, then the IT course gathering with senior, they present each a Mi-sedap instant noodle. After that, I was fall in love with it! >.< but, MYOJO, u are always my first choice! (quite expensive 0.o) And, don't always consume instant noodles, is bad for health...


  1. At first I thought I'm the only one who knew about MYOJO. Haha...Because I started buying it here and none of them has tried it before. I gotta say it was my favourite no#1 since many years ago and it is until now XD

    P/S: Do you realise we can't get it in the store for a period of time? I don't know. We somehow lost this brand of noddle in Penang and KL for 3 years.Just found it back lately.

  2. Hmm, yeah! I very love this Brand instant noodle! No.1 also..
    Yes, sometimes the stock finish. Seems like very popular...
    You know that the flavour! Wow! is damn delicious until now i still can remember it's nicely smell ^^ YUM YUM~ hungry...


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