19 June, 2010

Soft Skill

Soft skill, defined as "presentation skill". Do you have a strong soft skill?

For my current status, soft skill is very important in this university. If owns a strong soft skill, the information would be expressed perfectly, people love to hears what you are presented. When steps into social life, there is more important to have strong soft skills.

I try to learn and improve my soft skill, just for my presentation motive. How to training? Always speak English with my near friends, make it fluent? By the way, there is a course that provide soft skill training, just like MDEC program.

To have a strong soft skill, the one must have strong confidence. For me, i can act myself in confidence mode, but i do not have any ideas to present the next content.So, with the confident and without content, the soft skill is just like equal to zero...

Maybe i need to gain more knowledge, and always thinking in mind to present the next content, so i not more "stammer"..


  1. im quite good in soft skill compared to technical...
    mayb can help u a bit...

  2. Thanks for sharing this useful info. Keep updating same way.
    Regards,Ashish Soft Skill Training

  3. Soft skills are general skills—like the ability to accept feedback, work collaboratively, manage your time, etc. These are skills that will help you in a wide range of jobs, not just the target job you're applying for.
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