15 June, 2010

Feels like Crying

I just want to cry recently...

Recently, after i flash back, a lot of surprise things and unhappy things happen on me. Well, surprise things doesn't affect me so much. The horrible is unhappy things are comes along with me.

Especially in my social life, i almost do not know how to create a best communicate way to my friends around me. Sometimes i feel like i being boycott, sometimes i feel i'm full a lot of passive, sometimes i split personality...wanna to be active, but? is hard for a passive guy...

I easily said wrong things to my friends, just like previous few post. Then, what i get response is "hatred" on me, "dislike" me...i am the one will automatically spread out the unsatisfied things if it happens. My feedback was bad.Seem like have to learn "accept for everything that around me, if all people reach the same agreement, even it is in negative way"

Nvm, i will try to happy in another way...i must never give up!

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