22 June, 2010

Tons of Works

Recently really busy, even no feel and time to write my blog...(so 'eat snake' at my blog)

For this last week of short semester, i believe every moment will pass soon. However, the problem is have to rush for the assignment, project, presentation, and the final report of mini-psm system.

This time, i take the part of create the system in php mode, web page based. Can imagine that all have to learn by own. Luckily, there's must have the senior's work as our references. So, the problem was greatly reduced. Create a system is not that easy.

I can feel my pressure is always with me. I want to play games, take a rest and so on!...but, i can't---so many things come this week. I just want to scope it well. And my team members, just fight for this last work, only one times...good luck every one!

All i can say is, i was in last minute automatically. If do it early, i don't know how to do it, and create it...so maybe i can understand some student why choose to last minute. However, the price is "No Sleep Tonight"...(by The Faders)

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