06 June, 2010

Privacy Room

Since young, I dun have my privacy room. We all 5 brothers were sleep together in a one room. So there is nothing can talk about personal privacy in a room.

The first time I experienced in privacy room, when I live in my new hostel, Taman Waja at Parit Raja, Johor. Before that, I live in the former uni campus, Taman Melewar, share room with my roommate, almost all three people in 1 room. When I live in new hostel, my roommate going back, and I temporary owns a privacy room.

So, what can I do in my privacy room? Mastxxxxxx? Nope. I not used to it in room~. So for me, i just sleep like normal in my room. Oh yeah, if for study session, I believe it is the best way to focus, nobody disturb.

Suddenly, I was though that my friend had his own room. He told me that he will naked and sleeps at whole night. I wonder what is the feeling of naked sleep…hope I have a chance to feel it >.<   

At least, I know the privacy rules. The simplest form is the “privacy organ”. Next, it will all about the privacy things. However, there will be a person will disturb ur privacy…

As a result, it doesn’t matter I have my personal room. Anyway, I already used to it. However, just like last posts, I have snoring, might disturb other people when sleeping, haiz...


  1. then how do u masturbate when u stay with ur 5 brothers? toilet?

  2. u think leh? still need ask? :p


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