14 June, 2010

Can't Live without Computer

-----I am the one who hard to live without COMPUTER everyday-----

I still remember that when I was form 3- My desktop was suddenly broken, and then I will felt no mood at that week. Eagerly wants the desktop to be fixed then I can continue play. The problem is repair the desktop will be in expensive cost. So, the desktop will be abandoned for one or two months to be fixed.It is hard to live when in waiting time...


So, what I did is keep watching movie, drama from television. And, I will very miss my desktop…”when can fixed it?”

Now this kind of feeling has not strong as before, seems like I was grow up >.< However, I still keep in touch with computer every day. “Can’t live without a computer”…For another side is, my mother always will said: “always playing computer, try go outside and get fresh air, and join the social life with friends or others!”

Once got computer, my daily activities focused automatically on computer, internet, assignment, online games, games, music, video, drama…See? Life is full of fun ~ 

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