25 June, 2010


Suddenly come across this topic...because it might bring the horror feeling to me...scary X_X

Mannequin used at the clothing store. There are two types, man & women. The model just like real human. As we can see, some horror movie used the mannequin to create the horror atmosphere.If a mannequin can speak, is kinda scary----

So, yesterday i was watch the toy story 3. The story line is nice, and bring the theme that "forget the past, accept the new". Well, in this movie, Barbie doll and Ken were show up in this movie.

It just like mannequin...-.-'' What i feel is not cute, and what i feel is a little of horror!...a Barbie doll talking, is...let me flash back about the Toy Soldier...ha, nice movie after all.

I still remember that when i playing Silent Hill 3 last time, the scene that the main character(girl) enter the dark clothing store,inside a lot of mannequin.(horror atmosphere) Then, the one of the mannequin suddenly scream, i was shocked and scared! Plus that time i'm alone in house, and night time 11.00p.m. something... lol

Sometimes i even imagine that, if the mannequin will speak suddenly at the clothing store, i sure scream XD


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