01 April, 2010

Times to UPDATE!

I think recently i really need to UPDATE myself for different section, especially my main course - Information Technology. (Hoo...final project was done ^_^)

I found out that my IT knowledge is decreasing from year to year...if few n years ago, i can said i almost handle most of the IT knowledge on hardware, software, little coding, products and etc. Now if u ask me again this things, i can only reply "NOT SURE" "I DON'T KNOW" or any same level of this kind of reply.

Since i was selected to be single in my campus life (more freedom), i should focus on my study (as main point) the side part might be games, create something, sing a good song? haha...(enjoy the life's richness)

Is time to update myself, especially IT students. Well then, i try to focus on IT knowledge from now on. I must "insist" and "hardworking" to reach my target.I was a "katak in tempurung", if not update again, i will even worse than that. However, enjoy movie or others is needed since i precious a lot on my course mate or house mate, the feeling of TOGETHER is not going to exist anymore after few years. (So sad T_T...) 天下没有不散的筵席嘛。。。feel on "brother's".

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