05 April, 2010

Movie: Clash Of Titans

That day, my friend and I was watch the movie {Clash of the Titans}. Actually, I dun know anything about this movie, even the trailer I din saw it too…if yes, only the end of the trailer. While, listen from my friend said that was a great, nice movie! So, I was know nothing about this movie and start to watch.

The background let me (I think not only me) think about the movie-{Percy Jackson-The Lightning Thief}. This movie was said about Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, and many of the gods history and story. PJ talk about the Poseidon’s son, Percy. COT talk about the Zeus’s son, Perseus. All start from demigods as the story beginning.

PJ movie is a standard for all “U” rate people, no horror, funny, adventure action movie. While, COT is a standard movie for mainly said about the Zeus, Hades, Medusa, and so on. Most all characters’s look makes me a little “afraid” in COT…due to the expression of the actors, so real. What I most remember was the Gorgon, Medusa, really amazing, “cool” and take the “bow” to shoot…Stone Gaze…hoo~~~Medusa’s head seems very useful for both movies…

The effect of the COT was amazing (already normal with this kind of technique and effect, since so many of this type movies appears). Maybe someday I will read about the history of the gods around Zeus, Hades, Medusa…??

Percy Jackson à evolve à Clash Of The Titans. Anyway, best movie after all.

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