30 March, 2010


I believe many of human being is like kids, right?

For my experiences, as a babysitter, is not that easy,especially when u care for a child which is <4 years old. If he is an obedient boy or girl is good to take care, how about the naughty one? make u tire whole the day...

I always "forced" to be a "babysitter". Yeah, i like kids also, just like my friends.I can said that take care kids and like kids is different matters. Example for my cousin, only 3 years old, he not going to sit there obediently and watch TV ,play toys ah...his butt cannot "stick" to the chair or sofa, must run here run there...some more he is super like electronic tools (handphone charger, small fans, massage chair, plug...dangerous electric things for kids) he always take the plug or charger, and find a hole, try to plug in...(hole??...ha!something like a hole on a small chair)and want to see the result. Of course i just pretend that that things was broken, and keep away from him. Then, coming next electronic tools....(pek cek)However, i like to see he speaking, cox most of the time he will follow what i said, but seem like he is not so understand on "you, me, and him"...

I just hope that i can take care a kids who obedient, and not too naughty. That should be easier. Again, when u own the kids, u only will feel "troublesome" and "tire" (of course will like ur own kids), better watch other people's kid, right?

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