25 April, 2010

Horror Movie

Last week, i was ‘jio’ my housemate to watch horror movie. But sadly, only few are willing to go to watch this movie. I wanna try out this kind of experiences 2nd times in cinema. Of course, what I mention is the “scary” scene in horror movie.

I still remember last few years my friends and I was together to watch movie – {The Eye 2}. That time around 12 people watch together in cinemas, cause wanna tried the experience of watch horror movie in cinema. This movie greatly “scare” me even my friend, the storyline was good after all.

So, that movie we watch was {Haunted Room}, made from Thailand. After the show, my review is Thailand horror movie’s story line is good. For this movie, storyline quite good, but no “ghost”, it was used the concept of “power of thinking”. (The storyline can read from the website). Then, the scary part in this movie was not so scary… 

Anyway, I had a little feeling that I am wasting my money on this movie (not worth) lol Story > effect.

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