27 April, 2010

Naked Marriage

Read from magazines…SO what is “naked marriage”? That is two new couples naked all the body in the wedding ceremony and let all people see. Good! right? Haha, that was not the true meaning. The meaning here is just married by register only, no big car, big sum of money, and no many luxury things to reach a marriage~ a simple couple life!

In my mind I think this is good. Why? If thinking positively, two persons just married with register, and then live happily, this basic of relationship was reached. Then, the couples not need to spent a lot of money on wedding ceremony, help to protect earth also (not need use up a lot of invitation letter, save resources of trees.) Two persons just live normal and try to happily ever after without telling everyone.

Of course, most of the people will against this. Said about this was against the traditional, and say is too “cincai”…Actually, if I got a chance (if…) I will try this >.< However, I know that the probability that I failed is high lo~ 


  1. Please lo...I agree on your rational, but don't you want to make it special like REALLY SPECIAL? Oh sorry. Maybe that's special for you. Haha...You and me, we have a total different perspective! You gave me an idea on what to blog for next:P

  2. Ya, just my feeling only. I dun think i can do like that also, cause is too simple.98% people dun like to be "naked marriage". I can understand ur perspective. And, welcome ^_^


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