06 April, 2010

Water Shortage

Oh still have 1 month to go, the water shortage will be overcomed.

My hostel area there, water is available only from 10a.m. to 10p.m. This kind of water shortage most of us was prefer, daily activities around here, right? By the way, now BP water so salty, have a feel that I am drinking sea water~~blek +.+

Unfortunately, my house here experiences water shortage for 1 days to days, that means 1 days has water supply, 1 day shortage and take turn. Oh my god, I dun like this, do u know how hard if one whole day like this?

More unfortunately, I listen my cousin said Carre4 there residential area, experience water shortage from 10a.m. to 10p.m. Only 10p.m. start to have water supply until 10a.m. Seem like this more suitable for those who like to burn the midnight oil~or Nightstalker-Balanar.

Anyway, I hope this month fast end and the water comes clean. Do u ever listen the song Come Clean, performed by the Hilary Duff? Is really a nice song, especially the music. May water comes clean soon.

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