12 April, 2010

My stupid journey to Pacific-PIKOM PC FAIR

At the same day of Ching Ming, about afternoon, don’t know why, I have a feeling that “Come Come, PC Fair Pacific is waiting u!...” Somebody was call me! @.@ (just my hallucination)

So, that whole day was cloudy + little rain days, I did not have courage to go Pacific with the motorcycle, scare that I will all wet. Then, I was choosing to drive the car. In fact, I not so like to drive car, when traffic jam, u know…in addition that day was Sunday, afraid might be will traffic jam. Last, I drive car with my most little brother to go there.

On the path to there, holy sh*t, there was stupid traffic Jam!! Nvm, I believe next one will be free. Next, traffic jam again?? Lolz..car din move at all, wait for traffic light turn green 3 times then I just allowed to pass…reach the Pacific-Shopping Mall (I think I was passed through around 6 traffic light, all was traffic jam! Damn it! Already used up 1 hours)..ok, nvm, searching for parking lot…full house, and exit the Pacific Mall and went in again, this time I was try the upstairs’ parking lots. No experiences on drive car to the upstairs’ parking lots- really scare to fall down! +.+ So, don’t care anymore, just went in. Next, the path is really slope, firstly my car slide down a little bit, a little bit almost crash the car behind (the stupid car so near my car’s ass..swt) Of course, my brother was shout and afraid too. (who ask u wan to follow?? Ha) Never mind again, I direct drive to the top, and find parking place. Sh*t, so many cars, no empty place, and many cars not follow the proper direction, actually I plan to find empty place again, dun know why, suddenly I was follow other cars and reach the exit. T_T walao…by the way I was in the condition of precipitant urination, my urine almost reach the full tank...help me!! I really want to extinguish fire! Unfortunately, the exit point where I reach was lead to the Parit Raja direction, and that is one way direction, suck! I need to make a U-Turn.

I saw the U-turn after few seconds, wanna drive to it but so many cars, I afraid(haiz) so I hopes for next U-turn point. Waliu, so far and reach the U-turn point, this time went back again and search parking space. See? I have so much of patience. (lolz…if not my “emergency” I will direct drive back to my home) Finally, this time was found the empty space----we “fly” into the Pacific to “extinguish fire”. ……After another half hour, browse through all IT products, I was help my another brother to buy the stereo speaker. Then, my stupid journey was ended @_@ 


  1. OMG...........
    zidane,, forgive me to say this on u..
    U R SO BLUR!!!@@@@@@@
    how cOme follow others to the exit point???
    oomg......apalah u.... damn blur@@
    nvm,, i will 4give u bcOz this is REAL u.....hehe=p
    have to praise u tht,,
    u really have a GOOD PATIENCE~~
    if me,, i will damn tu lan then frive hOme directly ignOre the 'fire' maybe...
    and lastly,,
    tell u a secret,,
    i also nvr try to drive up to the parking lots up there also=p=p
    yah, anyway, u r GREAT~haha=D

  2. well, what should i said?....u r so active! Living semangat really! Rate u this for 5 stars full! ^^

    tangQ u lopz~~


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