05 April, 2010

PTPTN not enough?

Well, last Friday my friend and I was met my P.A. (Penasihat Academic) to sign my semester registration paper.

Well, he was “change” his office to main campus, so this time I gonna have to meet him in main campus (so admire who’s lecturers’ office at city campus, cause near my hostel). After meet and signed by him, suddenly he asked us “How your PTPTN money? Enough for you?”
I straight forward said: “Yes, I enough.” He said: “Enough??” “Are you sure? My son study at INTI college not enough, one day at least need RM12++ spend the living life fees.”

I very impressed that, that area sure cost much more money than here. Think about this, i live near my campus (my hometown at batu pahat, Campus at Parit Raja, not too far) Somemore, I always go back my hometown when weekend—Ya, I am PBSM! ( Pelajar Balik Setiap Minggu). So I was saved my money on “eat” for 2 days half and having at home.

Anyway, I just want to say that no matter how many money (PTPTN is sure enough for me la) was loan, try the best to learn to control it. I know some students sure not enough money due to some constraint in their life~ And the one question is – Can I increase the loan with the same term & condition applied??

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