14 April, 2010

Upgrade My Desktop

1…2…3…getting down with 3P-----lol…it has been 3 years my desktop since I bought it last time. Suddenly, I got the idea and desire to upgrade my house desktop.

Remember last time, I was bought the CPU component to integrate it to a CPU. I was spent around RM600++, includes Processor, motherboard, Power supply, casing, RAM. Of course, all just reach standard level. So, when I integrate all the components, I was found out that my hard disk cannot be used anymore, now is in SATA mode, not any more the IDE. So I need to spend again on SATA hard disk, but only choose 80GB. So a C.P.U. was generated. The monitor used was CRT, cost RM250, and repair it at last year cost RM70 again. Lolz…I spend a lot of money on PC…

Due to the high technology in these years, I was feeling that I should do something “amazing” in my life, (boring), so I plan and was buy the NVDIA graphic card in order to play games which are “same standard” as PS3. So, I was enjoyed the fantasy of 3D games. Just for a moment, my CRT monitor turn into blue colour screen. The colour was not correct, lol, something wrong happen again. After thinking one day, “Ya, is time change to a LCD monitor”. This both things were cost so much money.

Now, my house desktop seem like change to gaming purpose. Just use the PC to play amazing games. In addition, I was applied the streamyx online, it has been 3 weeks already, any line still cannot install yet, due to my residential area problem, the line is disturb. The technician asks me to wait until the staffs were fixed the lines. Haiz…this might be not fate with the online at house lo~

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