12 April, 2010

About Ching Ming

Last + Last Sunday, I was “participate” the Ching Ming activities, so early in the morning, whole family was get ready to the destination. The “mountain” is placed between the Sri Gading and Batu Pahat…

So same as last year, clean the grandfather’s grave surrounding. I feel that now I frequent “show up” to clean the grave with family. If compare to last few years, that was my secondary school times, the probability I will attend is zero. Due to the reason “kawat kaki Pengakap” la, training…My mom said that I seem like more free when I grown up…

This time same as usual, I saw other people play banger at there. Some family was taken the whole family photograph at there(how come will take photo at this place?), some are sit on the grave…Is it all traditional belief was passed away?? That must be some rules and need to be respect, careful at there…Luckily this year the weather is average, not sunny day, just cloudy days, bring along with little rain.

Oh my god, what the…My shoes!! All was stuck with full of clay…aiya I wear wrong slippers, the slipper has many holes at the downside. I need to use toothpick to throw out all the clay, by the way my residential area was facing the water shortage at that day…just use the stored rain water lo~ 


  1. wah...u sO bad...almost 0 attendance ever...
    no gOOd no gOOd~ shld learn mOre frOm me~
    im almOst 200% attendace!! since ihad my own memOry in mind=p
    i will do the same thgs also which to take pict of family at tht time also=D
    the reason is,,
    one family seldom met up with each other expecially for those working in far state or town..
    so chingming to me,,
    hav another meaning which is too reunite one family within 1 yr=)
    it's gOOd,
    and i like the feeling very much=)
    how abt u>>?:)

  2. My feeling is just normal only...so bad leh me~ @.@

  3. wahpiang........cool blOOded persOn=S.............


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