18 April, 2010


Do you believe ghost?

Well, I believe ghost. However, I am not that kind of simply believe. About Standard 1, I was listening many real ghost stories by my mom’s friends. I still remember first time listen that kind of ghost story really scary, in addition, I just a standard 1 students.

Their story something like ~ saw the white shirt shadows and passes through the girl’s toilet/ a line of people wearing white shirts across the road at KL big road/ saw the relatives who was passed away was come back to enjoy dish when Chinese July Ghost event and so many scary kind of stories…

Since young I was believe in it. Of course, they said me I’m superstitious. I am normal people, no “gift” to see extraordinary “things”. (dun want to see also). Ghost Whisperer is the drama which I loved to watch! The ghost story just like real story happened by people. “地狱老师”is the comic I loved. The story inside (some) is looks so real. (no courage to try, will die) Example, one group of friends was playing ghost games, so, they are 4 friends. They have to stand alone in the corner of that empty room. Then, everyone is going to run to next corner and hit the shoulder of the friend by take turn. Till the end, the last corner will be empty. Last person run to the next corner will going to touch a “human”. Do you want to try? X_X

I was met a supernatural incident when I was in secondary school. My friends and I was participated the scout camping in the school. When in midnight, around 3 a.m., I scare to go alone to the toilet, so I “jio” my friends. Around 5 people of us went into the toilet, (the toilet structure is separate to 20++ rooms) one of the room’s pipe’s water was flow out, then one of the friend went to close it. Next, another room’s water flow out, so close it also. Then come to next and next…(tat time look scary also). I still remember one of friend talking so loud and not care about what his said. Never mind, after we all done (W.C.), we went out together. Suddenly, the hand basin’s water flow out in big volume, all of us was surprised, dun know how to explain, that kind of atmosphere was more scary. One of my friends was fast went back to close it and run.         

Finally, I want to introduce another way, do you want to try this out?? That is when midnight 12.00 a.m., look in the mirror, and use the comb to comb your hair about twelve times. Then, I’ll definitely you will see “it”!! Scary right?? Is your dandruff, isn’t it?? So many right? Is time to watch hair lo! 


  1. hhahaha...
    funny, but i dont believe in ghost , at all. if you all scare them please ask them come to me.

  2. hehe, is depends..anyway i believe in it.


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