12 April, 2010

The Look

Being look handsome or beautiful is important to any boys or any girls. Some people can spend their money willingly just for his/her look in order to handsome or beautiful.

Since young, I was not believe that handsome, beautiful is so important, have a sincere heart more important, drama affect also. Now, I was changing my thinking on this. Handsome, beautiful makes u more advantage at everywhere, because the impression and the look is important, especially for first time when meet people. For example, u face two people and u have a choice to select one people to talk with, one is look handsome/beautiful, another is look normal, who will u choose to talk with? I believe most of the people will choose handsome/beautiful. Why?? The natural of people?

I am not a handsome guy. Many friends had said to me before “You are so cute!” “You are not handsome, but cute!” “You cute like a cartoon!” =.= …many many cute cute word I had listen. One idioms created by my friend: “A guy had been said handsome, that is a compliment. While, a guy had been said cute, that is an insult.” Do you agree that? I was agree, ha!. If for girls, “beautiful” and “cute” really are compliment, sure. Anyway, I loved to be cute too! (better than nothing~(skinny people will look cute?? I wonder~))

For girls, the idiom “Ugly girls do not exist in this world, only exist lazy girls.” I wonder this idioms can be used on boys too?…Girl’s look might be more important than boys, even complicated the way? In addition, my “dear” told me that sincere, honest people will be bullied or taken advantage by the other people in this current society. No matter how normal I am, I will tell myself in front of the mirror in the morning, “Today I look handsome, courage to face everything!” Well that looks so shameless, but that’s my way to boost my confidence to face most of the things. Have a clean proper look is indeed when go out, better than the lazy people care for his look.  

<<<< IC photos changes from Form 3 to 21 years old, any changes?? To be truth, not handsome, but I have a feeling that I was change from “Harry Potter” look to “Vampire” look, isn’t it?? Nice? :p hehe~


  1. IM TOTALLY AGREE WITH U MAN.............
    i cant deny tht well looking person is really mOremOre advantages in many ways.......
    sometime i also damn blur and angry with our tigOng...
    Y SO UNFAIR>>>?????...
    haixzz....forgive it...
    since it is our fate....
    but to be hOnest,,
    we r not so bad lah~haha=p
    still better if cOmpare with others=D
    u r nOt cute in my eyes....
    bcOz u r too skinny as u said...
    makan banyakbanyak sikit lah!!
    rmb i said u look very much alike with zuomuniao???
    really alike@@....hehe^_____^
    but u r neat, clean ,hOnest & sincere in my eyes.(that's y i alwaz bully u@@~)
    yah..i loved to be cute also..
    bcOz even i wOrk harder for my looks with apply moremore stuff on it,,
    im still looks so generally@@...
    SAD....but nvm,, i alrdy accept that...that's y i alwaz claim that I AM SO CUTE!!! haha~
    yaya...that's my way to bOOst my confidence also!!that's GREAT~
    u are really gOOd enough to me=)

  2. Thanks for ur encouragement, but i din trouble for this so much la~ Now my turn, u r beautiful girl in my eyes, really. But, u still same years before, not so "gentle" lo, behave like man, haha (opposite of me). U r great!

  3. wahaha!!! to be hOnest,, GENTLE>> not related with me~hehe=p
    大剌剌is my style~haha=D
    anyway, juz remain the way we want, isnt this gooD?? =)
    wOw~~~WOW~really?? u used beautiul to describe me??
    WOW WOW WOW~~haha
    but i admit that..HA!!


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